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Costa del sol, the preferred area for Spaniards and foreigners Inicio / 12205

  • 2018-10-23 04:50:58 UTC

Costa del sol, the preferred area for Spaniards and foreigners

See an example of this property here [REF 4338]( "") On the Costa del Sol, feel comfortable. Everything there is familiar and comfortable for northern Europeans. They have access to all the services and amenities they have at home. Rich Russians have also begun to come on vacation or to buy a second home. I have waited four years for real estate prices to reflect Spain and Europe's crisis. With the exception of an offer in Granada, there was always something wrong-price, location, quality of construction, the viability of the project ... or all of the above. I told the Trend Alert real estate members to hang up hard. That our moment would come. Today the game is over in at least a small number of operations and pockets of opportunity. Many sellers here just want to get out and move on ... and that's when we get the market prices of mines that I'm looking at in the pockets along the Costa del Sol Spain. They are not just individual sellers who are willing to sell. Only last month, Spain's bad bank, Sareb, entered the market with its first fire sales. It's precisely the kind of situation I've been waiting for ... and it has not disappointed me on a recent exploration trip there. This place has been left out of the radar of foreigners. However, it is only a two-mile walk along the seafront promenade to one of the most luxurious and glamorous ports in Europe. In that port, a mooring vessel could reconfigure $ 1.3 million. But, hey this comes with privileges ... you get to drive your supercar in the harbor. This was a starting point for the duration of the exploration trip, where everyone feels better and with some opportunity to acquire real estate.