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Opciones de inversión en la zona mediterránea de España Inicio / 12203

  • 2018-10-23 04:40:31 UTC

Opciones de inversión en la zona mediterránea de España

see an example of this property here [REF 4360]( "") Only a few years ago, the construction of high-end holiday homes was a small segment of the real estate market in the area. In fact, this segment is the only one that survives, the generation of wealth and employment in an area that includes Marbella, Benahavís and Estepona. The high-rise Rango houses combine a creative design, high levels of comfort, large areas (usually more than 500 m2), the quality of the building materials used, the creation of new spaces, domestic and other features. The construction of these houses involves more than 30 different companies and a diverse field of professionals: brokers, bankers, lawyers, notaries and registrars, architects, engineers, various technicians, builders, painters, carpenters, gardeners and many other construction providers pre and post (also maintenance and domestic service, security companies, etc.). In terms of job creation, the construction of a single Alta Home Range (defined as a construction costs more than 1 million euros) can generate more than 50 jobs, in addition to another 150 indirect jobs and an average investment of 4 million of euros. In 2011, around 60 high-end houses were built in this area, generating a turnover of about 250 million euros, as well as 1,000 direct jobs and approx. 3,000 indirect jobs. Finally, this sector generates a high added value in relation to its intensity in design, technology and specialized labor, as well as being highly sustainable in relation to the environment. It is a business compatible with the image of quality and exclusivity that the "Marbella" brand projects to the rest of the world. That is why it is among the 10 best places you have to visit in Spain.