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Marbella, the ideal place to live, work and study Inicio / 12196

  • 2018-10-23 04:01:43 UTC

Marbella, the ideal place to live, work and study

See an example of this property here [REF 4407]( "") Acclaimed for its luxurious lifestyle, abundance of beaches and good weather throughout the year, it is no wonder that Marbella would be given the highest satisfaction rating among tourists from around the world. In a survey conducted this week by Marbella Directo, a global rating of 10 was given by national and international tourists to the city. The three main points of satisfaction in the survey, along with the privileged position of Marbella as a world reference for its high quality in tourism, coincidentally, are precisely the points that make Les Roches Marbella the ideal university to study a hotel management career. Ninety-nine percent of the respondents said they would return to Marbella for their vacations in the future because they find the city safe and clean, while providing quality and friendly service. Safety is always a major concern for tourists and international residents alike. When visiting the city, they are delighted to discover that Marbella offers exceptional security and this allows them to enjoy their time without worrying about theft or violence. It also highlights the exceptional cleanliness of the city that extends beyond the public areas and includes beaches, parks and streets to offer a very positive impression by people from all over the world. In addition, in a recent study carried out by the travel search engine, GoEuro, Spain is ranked as the number one host in Europe among international tourists. The friendly nature and family-oriented lifestyle serve to make the country the ideal place to study, work and live. Marbella is at the forefront of luxury tourism services in Spain and its high concentration of four and five star hotels offers a more important reason to choose Les Roches Marbella as a starting point for an international career in hospitality management