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Living in Malaga a dream Inicio / 12194

  • 2018-10-23 03:46:26 UTC

Living in Malaga a dream

See an example of this property here [REF 4432]( "") **Costa del Sol** If you come to live in Malaga from a gray place or with not so pleasant weather, you will become addicted to the blue sky and bright sun in more than 300 days a year. ** What is the most beautiful town? ** A difficult question to answer, since you have places with a lot of charm and very close to home. If you are not enough with the historic sites and places of interest in the center of Malaga, the addiction will make you go to such beautiful towns: Mijas, Ronda, Nerja, Frigiliana, Torrox, Ardales, Maro, they will witness your addiction and so on. reach its 103 towns. Sure you will set a goal to visit all, no matter when, but they will be on your travel and getaway list. **Where we go?** Living in Malaga, will make you addicted to travel. It is a great advantage to have a mega airport, just 12 minutes by train from the center of the city. How are you not going to be addicted, since the airport operates flights to more than 115 different destinations. Nor do I tell you about the new routes, which open every summer season. You will always have options to fly from here. What if there is no flight to a destination? There are also train and bus stations with many more routes.