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Live in Marbella, the right place! Inicio / 12190

  • 2018-10-23 02:37:05 UTC

Live in Marbella, the right place!

See example of this property here [REF 4261]( "") ** Economy: ** Like most Andalusian provinces, the Marbella economy depends -at least 80 %- on the activities of the tertiary sector. Of course, there is some movement in the sectors of construction, industry and agricultural activities, but nothing to do compared to the availability and predominance of jobs in services and trade, which occupy an important place -60% and 20%. % respectively- in the economic development of Marbella. As far as job search is concerned, if you handle more than one language then much better, since the hotel and real estate activities are constantly looking for new talent. ** Climate and relief: ** There is everything from sunny beaches to snowy mountains, and thanks to this, you can enjoy an average temperature of 18˚C. The set of all these natural conditions favor the growth of the most varied flora and fauna, as well as the propitious circumstances to perform a lot of outdoor activities. With 320 sunny days a year it is very difficult to stay at home watching movies; Marbella pushes you to ride horses, play tennis, golf, various water activities, family picnics and even skiing in the Sierra Nevada. ** First class education: ** Marbella has private and public schools to choose from. Indistinctly choose one over another, you can be sure that the education received will be first. The only difference between private and public schools is that the former meet certain attractive characteristics, such as the fact of an international degree, such as the Calpe School and Mayfair Academy, among other institutions.