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Aldi will open a new supermarket in Teatinos Málaga.

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Premises Rented to Supermarkets

Aldi Chain

ALdi represents only around 1% of the entire distribution business, still far from giants such as Mercadona (22.9%), DIA (8.5%) or Carrefour (8.5%), its accelerated rise has not gone unnoticed in the sector and many already see it as an incipient phenomenon.

In fact, the firm has also grown in penetration in the market: currently, around one in four Spanish consumers visited its stores at least once in the last year.

Cataloged as a "hard discount" sign, its model has been changing -as it has happened to another German group, Lidl, which is also growing strongly in Spain- in terms of the characteristics of the establishment. while maintaining its commitment to the white label and offering low prices

Style Change

What used to be small spaces, with items placed in boxes and pallets, totally oriented to reduce the cost to the minimum expression to apply it to the prices without just "aesthetic" concerns, are now bright, spacious and with a section of fresh attractive and cared for

"After leaving the crisis people become concerned about the shopping experience, and in food there is a link between how you see the product and your interpretation of the quality it has."

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