KINOS Group Corporation
Connecting Investors & Developers & Sellers & Buyers Worldwide

Who we are

Kinos advice investors that are in search of investment opportunities, we work with corporate firms and focused on the needs and interests of investors worldwide. We specialize in investment opportunities in the Spanish market.
We specialize in the Costa del Sol where we are based, but we have global visionl.

Each investment opportunity is study and then offer to pre -selected investors. Select projects and opportunities are always verified and study from each angle. We organise meetings with representatives and investors, meeting each party requests.

We are part of KINOS Partner Group ( network platform) offering information on business and investment opportunities in Spain. We offer investment opportunities to real estate funds and government development agencies.

Our customers are from: USA, Europe , Africa (Algeria , Angola, Cape Verde , Egypt , Libya, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia ), Middle East (Iraq, Kuwait , Oman , Qatar , Saudi Arabia and United ) Arab Emirates , India , Russia and Asia ( Australia , China , Malaysia and Singapore) , South America (Brazil and Chile) .

During the last decade, Kinos has entered into all these markets and has earned the trust of a large number of leading investors, business men and women and influences, entrepreneurs, institutional investors, government leaders, high net worth individuals

We seek to meet the demand for our network of investors and help our customers or sellers in need capital.

We present investment opportunities in the markets in which investors operate, we have expanded our services to include introductory meetings with institutional investors, global investment funds and all major SWFS.

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Our Clients

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